Eco-Internationalism for All?

The Feminist Platformanifesto

This Manifesto belongs to The Platform, a network of squatted oil rigs in the ocean.


The Platform is a living body, inhabited by other bodies, which co-create their network of reliance.


Weeds grow here, between solar panels and the hardware.


The connections within the network are fragile and unstable.


Behind this Manifesto, there is a dream of eco-internationalism for all.

a fictional squatted oil rig in the sea with glitch aesthetics

All labour is visible.

All resources are seen.


reproduction and

consumption are

sensed and adjusted.

The platform is a network of

inter-connected, unstable and

inter-reliant bodies.


Bodies come together and pull apart.

On The Platform…

A timeline documents the history before the platform, and charts a possible future.

A book is published on the Platform.

A workshop is hosted here.

There is an audio recording from the first, experimental workshop hosted on the Platform.

The first eco-international inhabitants left their mark as an acrostic, each in their respective language.

Finally, there are stickers to be shared, enjoyed and used to keep the dream of the Platform alive.



Table of contents

for All?

What is Productivism

and Why
It's Killing You?

Forget About It!

Exit Strategies

Leverage Points
the cover of a fictional book called winning back the planet
Guiding principles
  • Accessible to a broad audience, provocative and challenging
  • Aims to transform the reader
  • Catchy, expressive, sexy, pamphlet-style
  • Written by collectives, not individuals
  • Encourage authors to tell the story of their struggles and discoveries (not just the idea)
  • Visualize the authors and their collectives/organizations with images, diagrams, logos, etc.
  • Provide links to important resources beyond the text (films, animations, music, games)
  • Balance theoretical with strategic and tactical approaches. What concrete steps are authors proposing?
  • Editors take care of the coherence of the volume


Proposal for a workshop themed around Eco-Internationalism for All


It is providing the right conditions for the workshop to happen all by itself.


The outcome is indeterminate.


The workshop is intended for all. Keep asking: by whom, for whom?


Begin with the setting:


Chose a place that inspires meaningful connections across time and space.


Is it taking place inside or outside, central or remote? Is it safe and accessible for all?


Set a time frame that allows in-depth-encounters. How can you help all participants to make time for the workshop?


Provide warm vegan food, catered by local initiatives.


Imagine cooking together instead. What would change?


Who washes the dishes, cleans the bathrooms, and takes care of the waste?


Check in with participants. There is no way of making sure that everyone is always comfortable. Do make a round nevertheless, with regards to the personal needs arising from this specific setting.


Imagine this check-in to be a constant exercise in listening.


Listening is providing the conditions for speech.
This workshop is making it possible for listening to happen.


Exercise in „listening out loud“, inspired by Pauline Oliveros.


Start the gathering by humming together, always switching between tuning in with a tune that you hear and introducing a new tune to the group.


There is space for everybody’s feelings.


The space for verbal discussion is equally large.



O – ORGANIZAR (organize)
N – NATURA (nature)
T – TRANSGRESIV (transgressive)
R – РAБOTA (work)
N – NO!
A – AŞK (love)
I – INDIGENA (indigenous)
N – NUH’ UN GEMISI (Noah’s Ark)
A – ACH (sigh)
L – LEBEN (life)
I – интернационализм (internationalism)
S – социална (social)
M – MӦGLICHKEITEN (possibilities)



The ‘Eco-Internationalism for All?’ workshop consisted of: Carola von der Dick, Max Haiven, Özgün Eylül İşcen, Rositsa Kratunkova, Angelina Kussy, Davide Gallo Lassere, Eliana Otta, Nicolay Spesivtsev, Alexandra Stefanescu, Anna Zett.


This project was conceived at the Berliner Gazette’s annual conference 2023 entitled ALLIED GROUNDS.


All text and images: Creative Commons License 4.0 (CC-BY 4.0). All images were taken at the ALLIED GROUNDS conference.

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