(Un)Working Balkans

Working on the (un)working Balkans Intro: The Balkans are virtually absent in the dominant political discourse of Europe: out of sight, out of mind. At the same time, central economic and geopolitical interests of the EU are concentrated in this region, not least in the course of creating “green future markets.” Here, the logic of… Continue reading (Un)Working Balkans

Dismantling Eco-Fascism

Please turn on “Dark Mode” for the best reading experience! A counter-memory game We came together in this workshop to discuss the meaning and forms of eco-fascism, and what it might take to oppose and overcome it. We found that eco-fascism has many dimensions: From right-wing nationalist ecology, to the lifeboat ethic and overpopulation narratives… Continue reading Dismantling Eco-Fascism

Working-Class Environmentalism

The Toolkit for Sustainable Work When asked to imagine what sustainable work would look like, people envision different possibilities, as shown by this sample of participants in the Allied Grounds conference. The United Nations has come up with its own guidelines. Economic and human development, technological innovation, decent work and ecological production: here’s their astonishing… Continue reading Working-Class Environmentalism

Eco-Internationalism for All?

The Feminist Platformanifesto This Manifesto belongs to The Platform, a network of squatted oil rigs in the ocean.   The Platform is a living body, inhabited by other bodies, which co-create their network of reliance.   Weeds grow here, between solar panels and the hardware.   The connections within the network are fragile and unstable.… Continue reading Eco-Internationalism for All?

Jobs vs. Nature

The future of productive and reproductive labor is directly intertwined with the ecological future of the planet and the immediate environment of workers. In the capitalist system, wage labor and ecology are played off against each other, for example, in the form of so-called environmental blackmail, which promises jobs in ecologically polluting industries. Or, more… Continue reading Jobs vs. Nature