Rebooting Eco-Justice

In 2022 we are facing a winter in which many people across Europe (and beyond) will have increased difficulties to make ends meet. The rise in the costs of living is triggered by a number of factors, most crucially, the war on Ukraine, the heavy dependence on (Russian) dirty fuels, the ongoing pandemic and the resulting social, economic and ecological costs.

These new hardships are exacerbated by the results of decades-long efforts to privatize and deregulate the European energy and commodity markets. In the face of the climate crisis, we have to look for new solutions that both fight inequalities and benefit our natural world and the life support systems. No social justice without climate justice!

The “How To Get Through Winter” Map illustrates the various and intersecting issues people face during the intensified cost of living crisis, but also points out crucial initiatives and solutions that are being worked on by different actors and communities throughout Europe.

This map aims to help individuals, families, students, young professionals, refugees and social activists to have a better understanding of this very complex situation and provide them with an information and communication tool easy to use.

How to get through Winter - Map

Download the map as PDF.


The ‘Rebooting Eco-Justice’ workshop consisted of: Juan Francisco Donoso, Jade Lindgaard, Nina Pohler, Sotiris Sideris, Lira Ramadani, Stoyo Tetevenski, and Manuela Zechner.

This project was conceived at the Berliner Gazette’s annual conference 2022 entitled AFTER EXTRACTIVISM.

All text and images: Creative Commons License 4.0 (CC-BY 4.0). All images were taken at the AFTER EXTRACTIVISM conference.

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