Post-1989 Lessons

Exploring the Lessons Learned Intro: The conversation on eco-socialist alternatives to the capitalist economy could learn from the post-socialist countries of Eastern Europe. After all, by rebelling against authoritarianism and impoverishment, various social movements in many of these countries radically challenged the prevailing system when they hit the streets at the end of the 1980s… Continue reading Post-1989 Lessons

Disarming Resource Wars

“Resource wars,” “energy wars,” and “climate wars” on the peripheries of empires are all expressions of the fact that economic and ecological crises are becoming increasingly devastatingly intertwined, fueling each other. Needless to say, diplomacy must be preferred to a “hot” war at any time in the face of this. But this is not enough… Continue reading Disarming Resource Wars

Climate and Tech Politics

Technology is not a panacea, but a tool that must be chosen and used strategically. The Protocol for Planned Disconnect is an Open Source technology that can be used by groups or individuals. Its purpose is to provide a learning journey for everyone who wants to reflect on the deeper connection between technology and nature.… Continue reading Climate and Tech Politics

Algorithmic Mindset

THESES ON THE COMPLEXITY OF (MIS)TRUST MACHINES The complexity of the world cannot be represented by mathematical formulas and thus not be fully grasped by Artifical Intelligence/automated decision making systems. The religion of Big Data has popularized the imagination that mining more and more data will solve this problem of complexity and representation. Users/Inhabitants of… Continue reading Algorithmic Mindset

Rebooting Eco-Justice

In 2022 we are facing a winter in which many people across Europe (and beyond) will have increased difficulties to make ends meet. The rise in the costs of living is triggered by a number of factors, most crucially, the war on Ukraine, the heavy dependence on (Russian) dirty fuels, the ongoing pandemic and the… Continue reading Rebooting Eco-Justice