Our Products


We seek to bring the best out of our AI optic designs, creating an experience that meets your needs. We have two primary products:

FREE THEIR MIND: Pay to Have Them See

Foto by Vincent Diamante
CC BY-SA 2.0
Step 1: Distribution
We distribute free pairs of our connected glasses to (y)our targets. Our glasses come packaged with a suite of useful free services, including maps, helpful hints, friend-locator, zoom-in binocular functions, sun-screener, and night-vision enhancer.
Step 2: Connect and Collect 
The glasses are connected to our servers 24 hours a day. They collect intimate personal data of the target, including location, gait and speed, eye movement patterns, and brain wave patterns. This information is combined with multiple other sources of third-party data about the person to enable us to build our comprehensive profiles.
Step 3: Learn and Discern
The information is processed through our systems, which employ a range of advanced AI techniques – including deep learning and neural networks – to build an in-depth character profile of the target (constantly updated and refined with new data and metadata streams), along with hypotheses for how to deliver recommendations, suggestions, and outputs to the target to achieve your goals. Our customers – that’s you – decide the outcome criteria or learning goal for our systems. These criteria include, for example:
  • Make them buy
  • Make them desire
  • Instill political bias
  • Reinforce political bias
  • Make them see what they want to see
  • Make them see what you want them to see

Step 4: Projection and Deception

Our systems take in the data, learn with a particular goal in mind, and then output projections into the target’s visual field in order to achieve that goal. The output can be calibrated in a variety of ways, using the following technologies:

  • Enhancement: make things jump out
  • Dimmer: make things fade into the background
  • Screening: make things invisible
  • Scrambler: create confusion
  • Overlay: superimpose information over objects or people
  • Distorter: make objects or people seem not as they are
  • Hallucinator Escape: create an entirely new reality
Step 5: Ongoing Learning 
The system will adapt to the target’s behavior. If a particular strategy does not appear to be working to achieve your goals, the system will auto-adjust and test new hypotheses to alter the target’s behavior.

Example: FREE THEIR MIND Consumer Paradise©

Buy what meets your eye! Turn your daily travels and meetings into a permanent shopping experience. Your life is your shopping gallery!  Our shopping assistance glasses enables you to see the price and origin of products worn by people you meet or in your surroundings. Fulfil your immediate shopping desires at the best price available with a blink of your eye. Search options are available which provide you with a map of places where the product you are searching for is on view or on sale for the immediate gratfication of your needs and desires and guide you to them. 

EyeSpyy™: Pay to See

The premium product is designed for law enforcement agencies, company executives, politicians, and investigators. The glasses have far more advanced capabilities than the free distributed version, and are primarily designed to identify, categorise, and discriminate between people who are potential threats and opportunities.
Step 1: Buy the Glasses
Distribute to your agents, sales staff, campaigners or investigators.
Step 2: Choose Your Goal
Calibrate the glasses to identify and highlight individuals. For example:
    • View crime risk rating: our predictive policing product
    • View commercial potential: detect profit opportunities
    • View credit risk: screen out commercially risky individuals
    • View political orientation: useful for political campaigners
Step 3: Choose your Bias Setting
  • Comfort Zone®: Reinforced glass for reinforced bias: Set your own biases, or have our glasses auto-detect your own biases to reinforce them.
  • Open View®: Screen out algorithmic bias. This setting is not always available.

Example: EyeSpyySpyEye: Detect Threats, Improve Security!

Are you a law enforcement agency that wants to enhance the capabilities of your forces? Do you want to be able to react faster and more precisely to possible risks in order to better protect society? The predictive policing software SpyEye is your digital assistant to enhance your human skills and provide insights into criminal minds. The AI system is designed to spot humans who are a threat to society and predict how, when and how likely individuals are to commit specific crimes – in order to stop them before they occur. It identifies individuals in a crowd and draws personal background information from a variety of sources, such as personal and criminal history and the potential use of arms. It detects suspicious behavior and calculates the individual threat level. Integrated smart surveillance capabilities thus allow you not only to predict future crime but enable you to track an individual’s path back in time.

Example: EyeSpyy Value in View©

Don’t waste your time on low-value consumers! Don’t miss out on business opportunities and give adequate attention to high value customer who make your efforts worthwhile. Identify in one instant the business value and spending capacity of people entering your view. Our AI model predicts the value of people based on their previous spending patterns, credit score,  available budget, and their product preferences collected through our freemium Customer Paradise© glasses. Know which client is the real king! Learn when to shorten the customer journey for low budget beggars. Our glasses are the tool a corporation can’t miss for a budget-centric customer service. 

Example: EyeSpyy Radical Scanner: Identify Political Preferences in an Instant 

Do you want to change the world, but still lack the right followers? Are you a new radical party that wants to win hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic supporters in the blink of an eye? The Radical Scanner is the perfect tool for your political campaign. Within seconds, the AI software can classify potential supporters by political preference, determine their activation level and recommend strategies to engage with your potential supporters. Why should you waste your resources on feminists, vegans, and Democrats when you can determine individuals interested in populist news who are angry with the existing system who can then be radicalized? A top-notch AI system is able to analyze and combine millions of datasets on the online and offline behavior of targeted individuals in real time and delivers a precise political profile. The software makes a deduction about political views based on the pages that the individuals have interacted with on social networks, their digital searches, other online activity, but also offline political debates, their social networks and position in society, political activities, sociodemographic-data and other context information. The AI system is also capable of detecting the current mood of humans based on facial expression and body movements patterns, which enables you to individually adapt your communication strategy and address potential supporters in a targeted manner in real time. While the Radical Scanner visually highlights your most promising supporters, the software automatically blanks out your political opponents so you can focus on the people that really matter.