Credits and License

This project was conceived at the 2018 annual conference of the Berliner Gazette AMBIENT REVOLTS.

Guests: Phoebe Braithwaite, Evelina Gambino, Friedrike Haberman, Gosia Jagiello, Katrin Kämpf, Hans Lammerant, Sonja Peteranderl, Rebecca Puchta, Brett Scott, Çağrı Tașkın, Elena Veljanovska, Harsha Walia, Anna-Esther Younes. Moderators: Abiol Lual Deng & Ela Kagel.

Licenses: The header image of this website is by photografer Chris Combe (“Dalbeg Beach”), it is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

All texts are licensed under CC BY 4.0.