Prophecies 4 the Future of Work – Intro


Since ancient times, people have a desire to know about the future before it happens. Stuck in the never-ending present that is the Corona  crisis, the demand for accurate AI-powered* prophecies is at an all-time high and our fortune-telling app will quench your thirst for glimpses of your future.

You have five areas, which will help you make the best decisions in your life:

Will you find the time between your gig working gigs to find the love of your life with the help of a dating app? Will they be human or a chatbot? Get clarity about your future love live! 

Will you be able to feed the baby whilst performing countless turing tests? Will you put food on the table by pretending to be a computer? Only Prophecies 4 the Future of Work can tell!

Will you be able to maintain your health or will you fall prey to a repetitive strain injury, a bad back or other silent work-related ailments?

Will you have enough money to spend by the end of the month? Will there be more competition with your fellow gig workers? Will you ever achieve work-life balance? Should you become active in labour struggles or strive to create a new app? Is gig entrepreneurship your future?

Sometimes the key to your future lies in your past! Discover past connections to advance into a bright new future!

Pick any of these areas with the click of the mouse and discover answers to your most pressing questions. Prophecies 4 the Future of Work is a simple, and most importantly, free** mobile app that provides you direct access to your future live. In these uncertain times, our artificially intelligent divination algorithms*** offer fast and accurate, truthful answers to all the questions about your future and will help you discover the keys to a happy and successful life.

Don’t hesitate, click below for privileged access and find out about

Please preview some sample prophecies for the most important areas of your life. Our magical AI-Oracle is all fired up and has the answers to life, the universe and everything!

Choose your AI-generated prophecy now!



* As we’re working with a very advanced artificially artificially intelligent software, cleaning of our training data, and copywriting of our prophecies is in parts provided with the help of Big Company X’s Magicalturk system. A fact that has left our app open to acts of sabotage – as you will see.

** Of course you might become a clickworker yourself on the way…

*** Of course we depend on demand click workers sifting through the illegible bullshit our not very intelligent AI is occasionally spitting out and sorting out those prophecies that are not ripe for human consumption.