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Dr. Magdalena Taube is editor-in-chief of the internet newspaper Berliner Gazette and professor of Digital Media and Journalism at the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. She is the author of “Disruption des Journalismus” (2018) published by Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam and co-editor of numerous readers, including “Invisible Hand(s)” (2020) published by Multimedijalni institut, Zagreb.

Academic CV.

Projects that matter


Silent Works

A Winter School on the Hidden Labor in AI-Capitalism I co-curated with Berliner Gazette.



An exhibition on the Snowden Files in Art, Media, and Archives I co-curated with Krystian Woznicki.


Tacit Futures

An international conference I organized with Berliner Gazette at Volksbühne.
See video below.


Big Data in Our Hands

An initiative that I co-organized with Berliner Gazette and a number of researchers and activists about commoning big data.

My Books

Listen How Ideas Come to Life

In this interview I talk about my project “Silent Works” with the German Public Broadcasting Station “Deutschlandfunk.”

Organizations I Cooperate With

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You can contact me under magdalenataube (at) posteo (.) de

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