X-Ship Manifesto

12 statements that say everything about a World where citizens – analog or digital – have become history.

A weird machine,
producing utopic fiction,
producing dystopic imaginaries,
exposing and hiding,
responding to the yearning for a different world.
A desire machine.


X-SHIP is Context aware

Where we are, what we do, the people we meet impact our x-Ship, being reconfigured continuously

X-SHIP transcends Borders

Territories we cross are not defined by arbitrary boundaries but by the limits of our reach and recognition

X-SHIP embraces Poly-Identities

We evolve from individuals to beings of multiple identities – layered and in sequence


X-SHIP affords Connections

Leaving our own spheres and bubbles becomes a desired experience

X-SHIP provides Platforms

As holder of X-SHIP we have access to facilities and tools that support our activities and visions

X-SHIP accepts any Language

We communicate without discrimination – trusting the authenticity of our language


X-SHIP facilitates Engagements

A portfolio of credentials, collected from our first moments of existence, creates trust amongst X-SHIP peers

X-SHIP manages Contracts

Commitments of various scope are recorded in distributed registries, allowing for organic adaptation as changing circumstances demand

X-SHIP trades Investments and Rewards

Whatever we contribute to the X-SHIP common will grow through communal breeding and cultivating and benefit each by the disbursement of dividends when in need

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