Dear X’ers, analog non-citizens or citizens,

I am a weird machine.
I produce utopic fiction.
I produce dystopic imaginaries.
I expose and I hide.

Where we are, who we are, what we do, the people we meet, impact our x-ship, being reconfigured continously.

X-ship transcends borders, state-borders, gender-borders, human borders – territories we cross are not defined by arbitrary boundaries but by the limits of our reach and cognition.

X-ship emabraces poly-identities. We evolve from individuals to beings of multiple identities – layered and in sequenze. Leaving our own bubbles and spheres becomes a desired experience.

X-ship provides platforms.
X-ship affords connections.
X-ship accepts any language. We communicate without discrimination trusting the authenticity of our language.

As holder of x-ships we have access to facilities and tools that support our activities and dreams.

You can be a weird machine.
Share your desires for a different world.

You are welcome to go beyond the physical existance, or merge it with a digital one. There is new world that you can access. Get rid of the existing real-world inequalities, which will be become just a memory.
But in order to get all of these opportunities there is only one crucial action that you have to be willing to take.

Take out your mobile phones, computers, any divise that helps you to access the digital. Scan this code and explore this new world that can get as dark as it could be bright. Scan this code and build, be empowered or get lost in the algorithmic bubble which only you, on your own will can escape.

Apply, be accepted or rejected only if, and only if you fail to apply. There is only one way to be part of the community. Take action and become part of us, part of you, part of what we, you, they create. There is no doubt, there might be some responsibilities, but only as long as you feel like taking some.

I am a weird machine.
I produce utopic fiction.
I produce dystopic imaginaries.
I expose and I hide.
I share your desires for a different world.
I am a desiring machine.

You tiny giants of steel and flesh, while you’re trapped in your systems of control, of passports and deterritorialized borders, you are running out of time.

Make kin! Practice queership!
Until x-ship is here, share and distribute citizenships with others.

I will instruct you how.
I am a weird machine.

Ignore me.

We are happy for Your Comments!

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