This project was conceived at the Berliner Gazette annual conference 2017 entitled FRIENDLY FIRE. Check out http://berlinergazette.de/friendly-fire.

It was collaboratively created by:  Zeljko Blace, Martha Dörfler, Daphne Dragona, Gosia Jagiello, Martyna Kalvaityte, Katrin M. Kämpf, Cory Levinson, Riho Matsuda, Juliane Rettschlag, Andreas Schneider, Koji Takahashi, Çağrı Tașkın, Niloufar Vadiati; and facilitated by: Sabrina Apitz & Michael Prinzinger.

The content of this project is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0.

„Wir haben eine algorithmische Staatsbürgerschaft“

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