I, Bioradical

I am a bioradical. I come from a future where the informational and biological are one. Where information is real, organic, and embodied. A future in which no information is lost, displaced or misinterpreted. All that I ever need is at my fingertips, the tip of my nose, in the dirt of my toenails. My mode of identification is my very existence, multiplied through endless data streams that liberate me from old humanity and the dreariness of choice. The will wants to be free. My body is the key to my personality which is not one but many. Intra-actual, polyvocal, datapromiscuous and vibrant, post-digital matter.

End inefficiency!

I do not stand in line, I flow through.

End anonymity!

I can change endlessly yet remain the same, perfectly identifiable since I do not bear the burden of deciding who I am. Instead, my datafied body speaks for me.

End uncertainty!

I have solved the mystery of myself by becoming a data-body. Knowledge is no longer at risk. No more speculation and ambiguity, the future is now a fact.

End anomaly!

I am of every form and shape, my bio-informational design conforming to the norm. I do not any longer have to be normalized because I embody the norms. The normal is dependent on me.

End criminality!

I am incapable of crime as any intent to commit it is always already predicted and prevented. My bioradical identity is part of a network where past, present and future finally become one.

End insecurity!

I am safe, safe in the knowledge that the bioradical order ensures total security. There are no others, only me. I have nothing to fear since all risk is computed and managed. Everything is already taken care of by my data-body. I do not have to worry anymore.

Forget the border. Enter the bio-order.