The Bioradical Passport took shape during the workshop “Who needs Biometric Passports?” held on the occasion of the BG Annual Conference, nov 2-4 2017, at ZK/U Berlin.

In the democracy of ancient Attica, a citizen was defined according to the contrast between the public and the private, his or her home (the seat of reproductive life) as distinct from the city (the place of politics). Modern citizens, on the other hand, seem to be living in a zone of non-differentiation, in which our political body is becoming indistinguishable from our physical one: biometric technologies are propagated as infallible and unchallengeable verifiers of the truth about a person – the ultimate guarantors of identity. But what on earth might your relationship to your fingerprints or your genetic code consist of? Won’t this trend to categorize and quantify the body eventually decouple politics and citizenship? Who benefits from this? Who is left behind?

Guests: Nicolás Bello, Detlef Borchers, Phoebe Braithwaite, Alina Floroi, Kristoffer Gansing, Aude Launay, Morana Miljanovic, Fabian Peckelsen, Marta Peirano, Rebecca Puchta, André Rebentisch, Christina Rogers. Moderators: Ela Kagel & Christopher Senf.

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